Josh Hutton - The Nursery

The Nursery

Josh Hutton

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Josh Hutton - The Nursery

"This E.P explores the idea of using one very limited sound source, and then trying to create completely new sonic landscapes from it. Recordings from children's toys were made, using only one toy for each track, the sounds of which were twisted, malformed, decimated and rearranged to form the final pieces." - Josh Hutton
Love Love proudly presents the incredible debut E.P from Josh Hutton. Circling melodies meet sinister rhythms to form sublime sound structures which pulse and evolve to envelope the listener in a serene collage of sonic experimentation. Oozing creativity - weeping synths and broken beats collide in this conceptual E.P that manages to possess a unique atmosphere of nostalgia.


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  1. Josh Hutton - Darkly Darkly Little Star
  2. Josh Hutton - Thank You Mr. Owl
  3. Josh Hutton - This Room
  4. Josh Hutton - Communications
  5. Josh Hutton - Tonka