Scrase - Heart & Another 2x12" Bundle

Heart & Another 2x12" Bundle


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Scrase - Heart & Another 2x12" Bundle £11.99


Scrase - Heart & Another 2x12" Bundle

Providing a state-of-the-art rejuvenation of 90s ambient house, the 'Heart' EP (the first in a 2-part 'set' of records) serves as a fluent example of the lighter side of Greg Scrase's previously little-known, but masterfully honed craft – here paying homage to the past greats of electronica, drawing together different threads of influence and applying them to his own colourful sonic palette. The 12” contains 3 exquisite original tracks that bubble and grow with a vibrant analogue charm, imbued with Scrase's house-ier tendencies and melodic capabilities - backed-up by a very special remix of 'Flyover' from like-minded acid aficionado Dave Monolith (under the moniker MNLTH).

In contrast to his 'Heart' release, Scrase's 'Another' EP provides a dark and twisted journey down more alien avenues - the streaming melodies & warm atmospheres of the previous EP supplanted by arcane wooden rhythms and mechanised bass movements. A small collection of club-engineered tracks displaying a wider range of styles sit amongst intricately constructed percussive tracks, topped off with a brooding remix of the title track by the ever consistent Irish techno duo Lakker. Whilst 'Another' delivers a slab of crawling, warehouse-weight with an Eastern flavour, 'Movon' provides a minimal take on UK bass music fine-tuned to devastating effect. The three percussive tracks littered throughout the release explore a very different angle, combining dusty wooden rhythms with dread-filled tones and complex manipulations, lending the diverse collection of tracks a strong ritualistic feeling.


"Scrase is a producer who can turn his hand to a range of styles... on Another, his skill with details—percussion, in particular—matches up against artists with much larger discographies." - Resident Advisor (

"aggressive acoustic percussion and eerie layers of sound that wouldn't be out of place on an Amon Tobin record." - Norman Records (

"when ‘Perc 15’ — stuck right at the end of his 'Another' 12” for Love Love — gets playful with the marimba shots, there’s a real glorious moment of insight." - DJ Mag (